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Natural cosmetics are about more than just beauty. It's about respect for our skin and our planet. But what exactly is natural cosmetics? Quite simply: natural cosmetics consist of natural and organic ingredients that care for the skin and at the same time protect our environment.

The philosophy of alva natural cosmetics

Our product line

At alva we believe in the power of nature. Our range reflects this philosophy and offers a wide range of products - from facial and body care to special lines for men and young girls. Discover our crystal deodorants , sea buckthorn care series or our special men's line .

Our commitment to quality and transparency

Transparency and quality are very important to us. We rely on high-quality, certified ingredients, most of which come from organic farming. Our products undergo strict quality controls to ensure they meet our high standards.

The value of certified natural cosmetics

Certified natural cosmetics guarantee that the ingredients used are of natural origin and are sustainably produced. It also ensures that the products do not contain synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives and have not been tested on animals. Our products are certified to strict standards that ensure they are truly natural and safe for you and the environment. Further information about ICADA certification can be accessed via the link.

Sustainability at alva natural cosmetics

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We rely on resource-saving production methods and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. For us, “sustainable” not only means environmentally friendly, but also fair and socially responsible.

Products in focus

Let's take a look at some of our top products:

Crystal Deodorant Roll-On Intensive

This deodorant offers reliable protection against body odor and is particularly gentle on the skin. It does not contain aluminum salts and is therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

For Him shower gel

Our shower gel for men cleanses gently but thoroughly and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly fresh. With its masculine scent, it is the perfect shower gel for the modern man.

Sea buckthorn night cream

Our sea buckthorn night cream is intensive care for mature skin. It nourishes and regenerates the skin overnight and ensures a radiant appearance in the morning.

Why are natural cosmetics better?

Natural cosmetics are better for us and the environment because they do not contain harmful chemicals that can harm our skin and the environment. Additionally, they have a smaller environmental footprint as they often come in eco-friendly packaging and come from sustainable sources.

What makes alva natural cosmetics special?

At alva Naturkosmetik we believe in the power of nature and the importance of quality. With over 92 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.91 out of 5, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the outstanding service we provide to our customers. We are your reliable natural cosmetics online shop for all your beauty needs.

Customer reviews

Hear what some of our happy customers have to say:

" The oils are first-class, I also use them for baby skin. I have known and used sea buckthorn for a long time, as an aftersun on damp skin it is my ideal summer care after the beach and sea. " - Verified customer

" I think the natural and sustainable production is very good. The cosmetics have a pleasant scent and the planting of one tree per order is well received." - Edda K." Verified customer

" For me, as a person with a dark complexion who tends to have dry skin, I was immediately convinced. It absorbs well and quickly and after just 1 week I had noticeably softer and nourished skin. I ordered it again because it was easy for me to absorb I have a good feeling. " - Mk, Verified Customer

What is sustainable cosmetics?

Sustainable cosmetics go one step further than natural cosmetics. It takes the entire life cycle of a product into account, from the origin of the ingredients to packaging and disposal. At alva we focus on sustainability in all areas of our business practices.

Are natural cosmetics always vegan?

Not all natural cosmetic products are vegan, but at alva natural cosmetics we strive to make as many of our products vegan as possible. We believe that beauty and animal welfare should go hand in hand.


alva natural cosmetics stands for a beauty philosophy that focuses on quality, transparency and sustainability. Discover our wide range of certified natural cosmetic products and experience the power of nature. With alva natural cosmetics you are making the best choice for your skin and the environment.

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