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Tea tree oil
The term tea tree (Melaleuca) includes several species of shrubs and trees of the genus Melaleuca, which belongs to the myrtle family. The most important tea tree is the Melaleuca Alternifolia species found in Australia, from which alva tea tree oil is extracted.

The essential oil from the leaves and twig tips is used. It is obtained using steam distillation that is gentle on the active ingredients. Tea tree oil is mostly used in dermatology due to its antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal effects.

Trust is good, control is better

alva natural cosmetics uses oils out of controlled biological Cultivation and Wild growth out of Australia and South Africa. The Cultivation he follows on small plots, around monocultures, large-scale Clearing and one with it accompanying impairment of groundwater table to exclude. The irrigation he follows by means of sprinklers direct after the planting and while extremes droughts. It become no synthetic spray or artificial fertilizer used, the Weed control happens through Farm animals and Handwork, Pest control becomes from hand regulated or through the Nature himself. Only so leaves itself after dem alva principle a high energy one and qualitatively excellent oil win.

alva natural cosmetics puts Tea tree oil in the Rhassoul and the Foot care series (before everything in the callus balm) as well as in the Hand cream and different Special products such as this Repair spray a. Naturally also as pure oil for versatile Areas of application in different sizes, from the small and practical 10 ml- Travel size until there to 1 00 ml storage bottle available.

Manuka oil

100 % natural, essential oil the South Sea myrtle (Leptospermum Scoparium). manuka oil, also "the New Zealand tea tree oil" called, comes from out of pure, hand-harvested Wild growth New Zealand and is particularly good skin-friendly. His powers cover itself in many points with those of Australian tea tree oil, is there it as still milder to classify. Out of the antiseptic Characteristics of Manuka oil itself also the diverse Possible applications away:
His height Efficiency unfolded it particularly at the Care the for Mushrooms vulnerable foot skin, e.g. b. between the toes. About it out offers it itself also terrific for Sitz baths at

Manuka oil becomes u. a. in the alva Rhassoul and the Foot care series used. Also available as natural pure oil for versatile Areas of application to home and on Travel.

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