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  • alva Kristall Deo Stick Sensitiv auf einem Stein
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alva crystal deodorant stick sensitive 90 g

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Enjoy long-lasting freshness – gentle and effective!
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Gentle on the skin and effective: The Alva Crystal Deodorant Stick Sensitive is particularly gentle on the skin and at the same time offers reliable protection against odors.
24-hour protection against odor formation.
Natural ingredients, gentle care and high protection.
In stock - with you in 1-3 working days

Product description + INCI

Long-lasting protection and care

The alva Crystal Deodorant Stick sensitive offers up to 24 hours of protection against body odor and armpit wetness. The odorless potassium crystal stick in a lockable sleeve is particularly practical to use and ideal for sensitive skin.

Effective protection against odor formation

The stick releases a micro-fine mineral film onto the skin, which prevents the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria. Perspiration is slightly reduced without clogging the pores, for a pleasant skin feeling all day long.

Natural and safe

The alva crystal deodorant stick sensitive is vegan and contains no alcohol, no parabens and no aluminum chlorohydrates. The key ingredient, Potassium Alum, is a naturally occurring mineral known for its deodorizing properties.

Ingredient: Potassium Alum


Type of application
personal hygiene
1x a day
Fragrance free
Without drying alcohols
Increases sensitivity to light
Solid (becomes liquid with water)
Climate-neutral shipping
Secure payment

Instructions: How to use the crystal deodorant stick correctly.

If you don't know our products yet, we have created instructions for you on how best to use our products.

1. Preparation

Clean and dry your armpits thoroughly before applying the deodorant stick.

2. Moisten

Lightly moisten the surface of the deodorant stick with water.

3. Apply

Gently rub the deodorant stick over your armpits until a thin film forms.

4. Let dry

Allow the deodorant stick to dry for a few seconds before getting dressed.

5. After use

Close the deodorant stick and store it in a cool, dry place.
alva Kristall Deo Stick Sensitiv auf einem Stein
Suitable for sensitive skin
Reliable for light perspiration
Without parabens and alcohol
Gentle on the skin

Ingredients of Crystal Deodorant Stick sensitive

For a better and more transparent insight into our products, we present the ingredients, in particular we explain them and explain the respective benefits

Potassium Alum

A natural mineral that effectively neutralizes odors while being gentle on the skin.

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Gentle on the skin and effective: The Alva Crystal Deodorant Stick Sensitive is particularly gentle on the skin and at the same time offers reliable protection against odors. Enjoy purely natural ingredients without harmful chemicals.
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We have put together the right care set for the crystal deodorant stick sensitive. It contains selected products that are perfectly tailored to your routine.
Die alva Kristall Deo Reihe liegt auf einem Brettchen. Es handelt sich um die Sorten - Kristall Deo-Roll On Geschmack kokos/limette, Kristall Deo Roll vanille/organge, Kristall Deo Stick Sensitiv, Kristall Deo Spray Sensitiv, Kristall Deo Roll-On intensiv, Kristall Deo Spray intenstiv. Im Hintergrund ist das alva Naturkosmetik Model Paulina. Ihr Gesicht ist abgeschnitten.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Is the deodorant stick suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the Alva Crystal Deodorant Stick Sensitive has been specially developed for sensitive skin and is very skin-friendly.

How long does the deodorant stick last?

As a highly pure crystal stone, the deodorant releases a microfine mineral film onto the skin (only in combination with water). The stone is used up very little and since it contains no other ingredients and the product cannot become contaminated, the deodorant can be used up to the end.

Is the deodorant stick environmentally friendly?

Yes, the deodorant stick is environmentally friendly as is the packaging and shipping.

Can I use the deodorant stick after shaving?

Yes, the deodorant stick is very gentle on the skin and can also be used after shaving.
Das alva Naturkosmetik Model Ella liegt auf dem Bett und hat die Hände flach übereinander. Sie lächelt süß in die Kamera.

our promise

Icon Natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
Only natural ingredients
Icon Vegane_und_zertifizierte_Naturkosmetik
Vegan & ICADA certified natural cosmetics
We plant one tree per order
Climate-neutral products & shipping

Our quality promise


For us, quality not only means producing first-class products, but also includes all areas of cooperation with our customers and partners. Starting with the selection of natural materials and suitable manufacturing technologies, through the working conditions of our employees, to climate-neutral shipping to our customers.

Unterschrift Icon Hans Reinhardt
Managing Director
Unterschrift Icon Dietmar Seifert
Managing Director

Sustainable packaging

Our shipping packaging contains recycled materials, is manufactured locally in Europe, meaning a smaller footprint during transport compared to other goods manufactured and imported abroad, and is recyclable.

Shipping is CO²-neutral through our shipping service provider DHL.


Natural ingredients

Skin supplied with natural raw materials is able to normalize under- and over-functions and to regenerate excellently. A kind of self-help for the skin to return to its natural state of beauty and clarity in the long term.

Basically, the following applies to us: the higher quality the ingredients, the more efficient the effect.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alexandra Junker
Bestes Kristalldeo

Op fest oder flüssig, Kristalldeos von Alva halten was sie versprechen!

Genauso gut wie der Deoroller- volle Empfehlung

Dieser Stick ist sehr ergiebig und auch sehr gut.
Bei sportlichen Aktivitäten würde ich aber den Roller bevorzugen
Der ist unterwegs einfacher zu handhaben.
Aber ansonsten volle verdiente 5 Sterne.

Alexandra J.
Hält was es verspricht :)

Gutes Deo, benutze ich schon seit vielen Jahren! Ich habe vieles getestet, aber Alva Kristall Deo bleibt mein Lieblingsdeo!

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