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alva Crystal Deodorant Roll-on For Him 50 ml

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Enjoy reliable and long-lasting protection - specially developed for men!
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Effectively protect yourself from body odor all day long.
Highest skin compatibility thanks to natural ingredients.
Quick-drying formula with no white residue.
In stock - with you in 1-3 working days

Product description + INCI

Alva Crystal Deodorant Roll-on For Him

The Alva Crystal Deodorant Roll-on For Him is a high-quality deodorant that was developed on the basis of pure potassium alum crystal. This ingredient offers maximum skin tolerance and effectively prevents the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria for up to 24 hours.

Calming effect and pleasant scents

This deodorant contains organic aloe vera extract and comfrey, which help soothe sensitive underarm skin. The Alva Crystal Deodorant Roll-on For Him offers an elementary feeling of care and security and is available in two scent variants: a classic, bitter, sporty, vital scent and the Pure Nature variant, which has gentle freshness and a touch of forest and meadow offers. Both versions are alcohol-free.


The ingredients of the deodorant are: water, aloe vera*, orange water*, potassium alum, emulsifier, comfrey, perfume, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate.

The ingredients marked * come from controlled organic cultivation.


Type of application
personal hygiene
1x a day
Without drying alcohols
Increases sensitivity to light
Organic content
Partly from controlled organic cultivation
Climate-neutral shipping
Secure payment

Instructions: How to use the Crystal Deodorant Roll-on For Him correctly.

If you don't know our products yet, we have created instructions for you on how best to use our products.

1. Cleanse your skin

Shower as usual and dry your armpits thoroughly.

2. Shake the deodorant

Shake the deodorant well before use.

3. Applying the roll-on

Apply the crystal deodorant roll-on evenly to your armpits.

4. Allow to take effect

Allow the deodorant to dry briefly before getting dressed.

5. Enjoy all day protection

The deodorant offers you reliable protection for the whole day.
Farbiges, muskulöses, männliches Model hat den rechten Arm nach oben ausgestreckt.
Long-lasting protection
Skin tolerance
Male, tart, fresh scent
For active men

Ingredients of the Crystal Deodorant

For a better and more transparent insight into our products, we present the ingredients, in particular we explain them and explain the respective benefits


The basis of our deodorant is pure water, which ensures a pleasant consistency.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera from controlled organic cultivation moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Orange water

Orange water from controlled organic cultivation gives the deodorant a refreshing scent.

Potassium alum

Natural mineral, has antibacterial and antiperspirant effects.

Essential oils

A subtle, tart, fresh scent provides a pleasant freshness.


Comfrey supports skin regeneration and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Your matching care set

Freisteller Foto von dem Kristall-Deo Roll on von der For Him Reihe von der Marke alva Naturkosmetik.

alva Crystal Deodorant Roll-on For Him

RRP €9.90
Enjoy reliable and long-lasting protection with the For Him Crystal Deodorant Roll-On - specially developed for men!
Effective protection for the whole day: Our crystal deodorant roll-on offers you long-lasting protection against body odor.
Skin compatibility at the highest level: The natural ingredients are particularly gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.
Quick-drying formula: The lightweight and quick-drying formula leaves no white residue on skin and clothing.
Freisteller Foto von dem Duschgel von der For Him Reihe von der Marke alva Naturkosmetik.

alva Shower Gel For Him

RRP €9.90
Refresh your body and mind with the invigorating For Him shower gel – for daily showering pleasure!
Natural freshness: Enjoy the invigorating scent and the refreshing feeling on the skin.
Maximum skin compatibility: Gentle formulation that is suitable for all skin types.
Moisturizing: Aloe Vera and glycerin provide the skin with important moisture.
Freisteller Foto von der Feuchtigkeitscreme von der For Him Reihe von der Marke alva Naturkosmetik.

alva For Him moisturizer

RRP €12.90
Experience intensive hydration and revitalized skin with the For Him moisturizer – your daily care for healthy men’s skin!
Optimal Hydration: Provides your skin with essential moisture throughout the day.
Quickly absorbed: The light texture absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film.
Natural ingredients: High-quality, natural ingredients for gentle care.
We have put together the perfect care set for the Crystal Deodorant Roll-on For Him. It contains selected products that are perfectly tailored to your routine.
Männliches Model Mitte 30 hält sich die Hand am Hals und begutachtet sich im Spiegel und trägt sich mit einem Waschtuch die alva Sanddorn Feuchtigkeitscreme auf.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Is For Him Crystal Deodorant suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our natural ingredients are particularly gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.

Does the deodorant contain parabens?

No, our deodorant is free of parabens.

Can I use the deodorant directly after shaving?

Yes, the deodorant is gentle enough to apply immediately after shaving.

How long does a bottle of the roll-on last?

One bottle typically lasts about a month if used daily.

Is the “For Him” crystal deodorant vegan?

Yes, our deodorant is vegan and cruelty-free.
Männliches Model Mitte 30 hält sich die Hand am Hals und begutachtet sich im Spiegel.

our promise

Icon Natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
Only natural ingredients
Icon Vegane_und_zertifizierte_Naturkosmetik
Vegan & ICADA certified natural cosmetics
We plant one tree per order
Climate-neutral products & shipping

Our quality promise


For us, quality not only means producing first-class products, but also includes all areas of cooperation with our customers and partners. Starting with the selection of natural materials and suitable manufacturing technologies, through the working conditions of our employees, to climate-neutral shipping to our customers.

Unterschrift Icon Hans Reinhardt
Managing Director
Unterschrift Icon Dietmar Seifert
Managing Director

Sustainable packaging

Our shipping packaging contains recycled materials, is manufactured locally in Europe, meaning a smaller footprint during transport compared to other goods manufactured and imported abroad, and is recyclable.

Shipping is CO²-neutral through our shipping service provider DHL.


Natural ingredients

Skin supplied with natural raw materials is able to normalize under- and over-functions and to regenerate excellently. A kind of self-help for the skin to return to its natural state of beauty and clarity in the long term.

Basically, the following applies to us: the higher quality the ingredients, the more efficient the effect.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Angenehm und wirksam

Das Deo hat einen schönen, nicht aufdringlichen Geruch, ist auch bei sensibler Haut gut verträglich und dennoch wirksam. Der Preis ist nicht ganz ohne, aber die Flasche hält länger als angegeben. Ich verwende das Deo seit Jahren und bin sehr zufrieden.

Tolles Produkt - alva Kristall-Deo Roll-on For Him

Ich verwende seit vielen Jahren den Kristall-Deo Roll-on For Him wegen der für empfindliche Haut geeigneten Inhaltstoffe und auch wegen der guten Wirkung über den ganzen Tag

Tobias W***
Seit Jahren Alva Kristall-Deo Roller erprobt

Bei vielen anderen Kristall-Deo Rollern bekomme ich roten juckenden Ausschlag in den Achselhölen oder sie helfen nicht gegen Achselgeruch. Bei diesem hier seit Jahren nicht.

Johannes H.
Tolles Deo!

Ich benutze seit Jahren das Kristall-Deo for Him - Ein frischer Duft, der den ganzen Tag anhält aber gleichzeitig unaufdringlich ist. Dabei ist das Deo auch für sensible Haut geeignet

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