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Plant gold from the desert for the highest care requirements

alva Organic jojoba oil is free from anyone chemical additives, for that rich at Provitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. Not greasy, odorless and highly effective is it versatile can be used:
For the rubbing, Massage or as bath additive, for Skin, Hair or nails, as Make-up remover.
Every encounter a Experience from more optimal effectiveness and Care!

alva Organic jojoba oil stabilizes the Fat- and Moisture content the skin and improved her Elasticity.

Skin, Hair and nails become in of their Resilience strengthened, body's own Forces activated

J o jobaö l becomes out of the Fruit of J o job as t r also chs won , but Exactly taken is there is no oil , rather liquid Wax . Preferred in dry Areas a ng esboiled l t , thrive e r wonderful in the Desert at the end Israel , Argentina , UNITED STATES and Mexico and can until to 2 0 0 Years a l t become . The be s t e and expensive organic oil becomes from alv a a ng ese t z t

In the contrast to many vegetable oils is Jojoba oil not greasy and finds fast Access in our body system. Natural and out of 1. Cold pressing fresher Jojoba nuts can the highly effective care substances her full Power unfold.

Organic sea buckthorn skin oil
The cold pressed oil the Organic sea buckthorn berry is one the most valuable vegetable oils. Since age here becomes it because of the effectiveness against the Follow from UV rays and his skin caring Characteristics estimated.

Sea buckthorn is rich at Provitamin A, vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids How omega 7 and the rare Palmitoleic acid. For this reason are Sea buckthorn products ideal for the dry and normal Skin, the increasingly the Capability loses, humidity to save

Pure natural organic jojoba oil, Organic almond oil and Organic sea buckthorn oil as well as natural vitamin E vouch for one highly effective Effect this rich Sea buckthorn product. Also ideal as after-sun care, works it intensive the Education freer radical as well as skin aging processes in contrast to. Suntan becomes better pronounced and remains longer receive. The skin oil also achieves excellent results as a massage and baby oil.

100% natural, light yellow organic almond oil - the all-round care oil for the whole family. For supple skin. Soothes sensitive, irritated skin

Types of application:
For rubbing, massaging, as a bath additive, for skin, nails and hair, as a make-up remover. For baby care.
For massage for stretch marks during pregnancy.
As a care for irritated skin (armpits, beard, intimate area) after shaving.
To refresh tired facial skin.
Add a few drops to the bath water as a bath additive.

For dry, normal and sensitive skin

cold pressed, from controlled organic cultivation

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