Collection: Sensitive cream

Luxury for sensitive skin

The 4-pillar foundation for sensitive

The concept the series consists out of four basic elements, the together one unique combination out of intense Protection, more sustainable Care, skin tightening texture and more calming scenting result

Element: Protection

Light, very good compatible Organic vegetable oils with one particularly high percentage at Antioxidants help, the oxidative stress to reduce and the antioxidant Protection system to strengthen

Element: Care

US patented beta 1.3 / 1.6 Glucan effects one clearly improved Skin regeneration. The immune system the skin becomes strengthened and the dermal Long-term elasticity optimized

Element: effectiveness

The optimized combination out of low- and high molecular weight Hyaluronic acids works double. For the a becomes the skin streamlined and humidity saved. For the others becomes the body's own Skin barrier strengthened and before bacterial attacks protected

Element: scenting

The pure natural scenting became from dem renowned, French Fragrance specialists Acorelle under scent therapeutic points of view developed. She works calming and stress-reducing.

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