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alva sea buckthorn eye cream 15 ml

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Gentle care with the sea buckthorn eye cream.
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Specially developed for the sensitive eye area
Gently smoothes the wrinkles
Silky smoothness and refreshed eye area
Protection against external influences
Provides long-lasting moisture and relieves signs of skin fatigue
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Product description + INCI

Gentle care with sea buckthorn eye cream

Treat your eyes to the special care they deserve with our sea buckthorn eye cream. Specially developed for the sensitive eye area, this cream uses the benefits of organic tapioca to gently glide into the wrinkles and immediately tighten them. Experience the feeling of silky smoothness and a refreshed eye area.

Effective protection function

The sea buckthorn eye cream is more than just a moisturizer. With the incorporated bisabolol, this cream offers reliable protection for the sensitive eye area against external influences. At the same time, the valuable cupuaçu butter provides long-lasting moisture and relieves signs of skin fatigue.

Active ingredient complex for sustainable care

With a carefully selected complex of active ingredients, this cream nourishes and protects your eye area sustainably and highly effectively. Consisting of ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, tapioca, sea buckthorn oil and beeswax from certified organic farming, the sea buckthorn eye cream offers the ultimate blend of moisture and care.

Ingredients: Water, jojoba oil*, lecithin, emulsifier, lipids, shea butter*, tapioca*, cocoa butter*, cupuacu butter, glycerin, vitamin E, sea buckthorn oil*, beeswax, bisabolol, xanthan gum, perfume, potassium sorbate, pH value regulator, antioxidant, lactic acid

* Ingredients from controlled organic farming


Type of application
Eye cream
Every morning
Without drying alcohols
Palm oil free
ICADA certified
Climate-neutral shipping
Secure order

Instructions: How to use the alva sea buckthorn eye cream.

If you don't know our products yet, we have created instructions for you on how best to use our products.

1: Cleanse your skin

Start by thoroughly cleansing your face to remove excess oil, dirt, and makeup. It's best to use our sea buckthorn cleansing milk, which enables optimal preparation for further care.

2: Tone

Apply a mild facial toner to clear your skin and prepare it to optimally absorb the eye cream. Let the toner take effect briefly. We recommend our sea buckthorn facial toner as a facial toner. Optionally you can also do without the toner.

3: Apply eye cream

Apply a pearl-sized amount of eye cream to your ring finger. Apply the care product around the eyes, always tapping gently from the outside in with your fingertips.

Step 4: Final care

Wait a moment for the eye cream to fully absorb into your skin, then apply your usual face cream or moisturizer. This creates a protective finish and keeps your skin hydrated. We recommend our alva sea buckthorn moisturizer.
alva Naturkosmetik Model hat drei Punkte der alva Sanddorn Augencreme auf die Wange aufgetragen und schaut in die Kamera
For sensitive skin
Pleasant smell
Smooths the skin and reduces wrinkles


For a better and more transparent insight into our products, we present the ingredients, in particular we explain them and explain the respective benefits

Jojoba oil

Moisturizes the skin without having a greasy effect. Reddened skin is soothed by the antibacterial effect of jojoba oil.


Lipids keep our skin supple and reduce the loss of moisture from our skin.

Cocoa butter

Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, provides long-lasting moisture and suppleness.


The skin-soothing plant flour can absorb and bind the valuable moisture in your skin. This ensures a fresh, supple, delicate complexion without shine.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E increases the collagen content in the skin and thus smoothes wrinkles, increases the skin's resistance and protects against UV rays.

Sea buckthorn oil

Has a very positive and cell-renewing effect on the skin cells and is therefore an excellent anti-aging oil for mature skin.

Your matching care set

Freisteller Foto von der Sanddorn Reinigungsmilch von der Marke alva Naturkosmetik.

alva sea buckthorn cleansing milk

RRP €14.90
Deep cleansing and care with alva cleansing milk
Gently and thoroughly removes make-up residue and dirt particles
Has an antioxidant effect and protects the skin from free radicals
Valuable sea buckthorn oil, sunflower oil and cocoa butter make the skin soft and velvety
Alva Naturkosmetik Sanddorn Feuchtigkeitscreme

alva sea buckthorn moisturizer

RRP €20.90
Give your skin intensive moisture and natural care!
Anti-aging cream that reduces wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin elasticity.
Intensive hydration against dryness.
Natural sea buckthorn extract nourishes and regenerates the skin.
alva Sanddorn Gesichtswasser Freisteller

alva sea buckthorn facial toner

RRP €16.90
Natural balance for your skin.
Invigorates the skin and gives a radiantly fresh complexion
It opens the pores and optimally prepares the skin for subsequent care
Helps intensively clarify problematic areas of the skin
We have put together the right care set for the alva sea buckthorn eye cream. It contains selected products that are perfectly tailored to your routine.

our promise

Icon Natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
Only natural ingredients
Icon Vegane_und_zertifizierte_Naturkosmetik
Vegan & ICADA certified natural cosmetics
We plant one tree per order
Climate-neutral products & shipping

Our quality promise


For us, quality not only means producing first-class products, but also includes all areas of cooperation with our customers and partners. Starting with the selection of natural materials and suitable manufacturing technologies, through the working conditions of our employees, to climate-neutral shipping to our customers.

Unterschrift Icon Hans Reinhardt
Managing Director
Unterschrift Icon Dietmar Seifert
Managing Director

Sustainable packaging

Our shipping packaging contains recycled materials, is manufactured locally in Europe, meaning a smaller footprint during transport compared to other goods manufactured and imported abroad, and is recyclable.

Shipping is CO²-neutral through our shipping service provider DHL.


Natural ingredients

Skin supplied with natural raw materials is able to normalize under- and over-functions and to regenerate excellently. A kind of self-help for the skin to return to its natural state of beauty and clarity in the long term.

Basically, the following applies to us: the higher quality the ingredients, the more efficient the effect.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tolle und sanfte Creme

Ich bin mit der Augencreme sehr zufrieden. Sie hat eine sehr sanfte Textur, die sehr gut einzieht und die Partie um die Augen sehr gut nährt und pflegt, auch der Geruch ist sehr dezent und angenehm. Ich bin vollends zufrieden und möchte generell die ganze Sanddorn Serie nicht mehr missen, die ich bereits seit Jahren nutze und meine Haut extrem gut versorgt.

Sehr angenehm

Die Augencreme unterscheidet sich beim Auftragen von anderen Produkten, sie lässt sich zu Anfang nicht leicht verteilen. Die cremigere Konsistenz ist dann aber sehr angenehm, sie wirkt wie ein Schutz für den ganzen Tag, ohne dabei zu fetten.


Top Produkt

Anna S.
Sanddorn Augencreme

Ich benutze ausschließlich die Produkte der Alva Naturkosmetik schon seit vielen Jahren. Die Augencreme zieht rückstandsfrei ein und pflegt sehr gut meine anspruchsvolle Haut.

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